Bullock Brothers

The Bullock Brothers was formed in 1950 and consisted of six brothers, of which Richard and George, ordained ministers, are the only two brothers still singing.

NewBBrosPicThe Bullock Brothers are continuing a gospel tradition passed to them by ‘Singing Walter’, as he was known some years ago as he traveled the Revival Circle singing in their home state of North Carolina. He was the father of the original six Bullock Brothers gospel singers. The Bullock Brothers have greatly expanded their ministry since the establishment of the Bullock Brothers Gospel Singers in September, 1950. As they began to minister to more and more people, they felt there were needs among the people that could not be fulfilled by just having a singing ministry. Reverends Richard and George Bullock, and their sons, (appropriately named, The Sons), decided to establish The Bullock Brothers and Sons Ministry (BBM). Because of the diversity of gifts and talents within the groups, the Ministry is now able to fulfill our desire of meeting needs that the singing ministry alone was not able to adequately address. Click here to see the Bullock Brothers road schedule.

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