From Generation to Generation – Living the Legacy

generation2genThe Bullock Brothers, The Sons and Emmanuel are the offspring of Walter Bullock (a.k.a. Singing Walter), the father of the original six Bullock Brothers which began as a gospel group in September, 1950. To this family, singing is a natural gift from God. The inspiration for gospel singing was kindled as Walter would take his family from church to church in North Carolina (where the family originated).

The Sons have taken up the legacy and have been singing for over 40 years. With their fathers (George and Richard Sr.), The Sons often travel and perform at events simultaneously. This would prove very convenient, since they share some of the same musicians.

Together, they have traveled far and near singing songs of hope and deliverance to many people, young and old alike.

The passing of the legacy is not confined only to The Sons, but to the daughters as well. The six daughters of Richard Sr., are known as Emmanuel, and are a great addition of this generation of gospel singers. They too, sing with a powerful anointing, as did their grandfather, Walter many years ago.