The Sons

SonsBBs1The Sons (of the Bullock Brothers) are a part of the Bullock Brothers and Sons Ministry, therefore both groups work very closely together and appear on many engagements together. Although the Sons’ music reaches and inspire all generations, their focus is to get the younger generation to see and understand that living for Jesus Christ can be very exciting.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]The Sons debut began in 1967 in Boston, MA.,[/pullquote] and is a continuation of a legacy of gospel singing that started with our grandfather, “Singing Walter”, and was passed on to us by our fathers, the Fabulous Bullock Brothers. Many changes, including membership, have taken place since 1967, but the focus of the group has always been to continue singing gospel. We are called to give our lives to Him in our youth. Songs that the group have recorded on the Bullock Brothers Ministry recording label, “Generations” (formerly Jaleeda), reflect this message. Songs such as Closer, Yes or No, I have Decided (to Follow Jesus), Going Through and You Kept Me, are just a few. Currently, The Sons latest recording is entitled: “Glory & Majesty”. The Sons have the call of God to minister in gospel music.

The group consists of Manager and Bullock Brothers Ministry President, George Jr., Jimmy, Raymond, Julius Hood, Jonathan Bullock, Johnny and Daniel Jr. Click here to see the Sons road schedule.

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