There are several ordained ministers within the Bullock Brothers Ministry (BBM), which means that a distinct part of the ministry is delivering the Word of God through preaching, teaching, praying and singing. The BBM conducts revivals, street meetings and prison Chapel services wherever and whenever there is a need.


BBM provides music for church anniversaries, gospel musical events, worship and praise services (large and small), concerts, television and radio media, street, tent or any other type of outdoor events. We also provide our gifts at youth camps, retreats, prison ministries, banquets, various church events, coffee houses, and other suitable gatherings where gospel music is desired.


Whenever the BBM is in operation, counseling is available. Public or private counseling and prayer can be arranged as well.


BBM also provides full support for marital support from premarital counseling to the administration of the marriage vows.


The purpose of the BBM is to carry the gospel of our Lord Jesus, through these means, or whatever means that God may see fit for us to carry out. Our aim is to be willing vessels to travel to the remotest of places to sing or witness to all for His honor and praise.